The human spirit is
a source of strength.
It provides hope and meaning,
and enables us to see the good
in ourselves, in our loved ones
and in our surroundings.

Professional spiritual caregivers improve the quality of life for people with chronic and fatal disease, for the elderly, and for individuals experiencing distress, anxiety, pain, crisis, or bereavement. They offer support to reduce solitude, identify and reinforce inner resources, and positively impact the overall wellbeing of those they serve.

Why Call a Professional Spiritual Caregiver?​

People often experience substantial distress in the face of mortality, chronic disease, or physical or cognitive limitations, in old age and in times of loss. In these difficult situations, they find themselves experiencing powerful feelings of alienation, insecurity, regret, or despair.

Spiritual care recognizes the human need for ultimate meaning in life. The spiritual caregiver listens without judgment, hears the pain and distress and helps the person find words for their pain. He supports people in reconnecting to their sense of who they are in life, what they are going through, and what the important things are in their lives. Thus, spiritual care provides structure for a person nearing the end of life and supports him in recognizing his worth as a human being. While experiencing a greater sense of inner peace, patients emerge with hope, feeling more able to move forward.

Spiritual Care in Israel​

The Association for Spiritual Care in Israel was established with the support of the UJA-Federation of New York in January 2015 to advance spiritual care in Israel and turn it into a recognized, standardized, and well-known profession, on par with other disciplines. It establishes uniform requirements for training, including defining the knowledge, skills, and personal abilities necessary to provide high quality spiritual care, and it accredits and oversees the educational training programs. The association defines standards of practice and provides a rigorous process for certifying new professionals and for ensuring their ongoing ethical professional practice. In addition to shaping the profession of spiritual care in Israel and defining best practices, the association advocates for the delivery of spiritual care in institutional and community settings, embedding the service as part of the daily work of multi-disciplinary teams in health care and social services. It also helps match individuals looking for spiritual care in their homes with spiritual care providers in their area.

Spiritual care is new in Israel and still relatively unknown.  We are working to integrate spiritual care – regardless of religion – into a "whole person" approach to health care and social services. In Israel, dozens of spiritual caregivers currently work in hospitals, clinics, oncology and palliative care services, nursing homes, and private rehabilitation centers. Through public outreach, advocacy, lobbying, and raising awareness within the most relevant professions, we are leading the way for making spiritual care accessible to all – in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care settings.

The required 800-hour curriculum integrates practicum working with patients, theoretical lessons, individual and group supervision. Students gain facility with such techniques as the use of spiritual texts, singing, religious scriptures, personal prayers, and guided meditation.

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